Modern Warfare 2 Beta Announcement

11 08 2009

As predicted, IW are “most likely” going to “deja-vu it” and release a Beta almost mirroring what they did back in 2007 prior to COD4’s release. Xboxic are reporting that a Modern Warfare 2 Beta will be announced at the forthcoming “GamesCon” in Germany later this month. Heres the full article…

The Leipzig Games Convention is moving onwards and upwards with a new name this year: GamesCon. The last time Infinity Ward attended the event was way back in 2007 shortly before the release of ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’. Xboxic was at the event first hand to play the game before release and witness the press conference which included a Beta announcement. It seems likely through leaked information handed to Xboxic yesterday that Infinity Ward are planning a Déjà Vu moment and will announce details of the upcoming ‘Modern Warfare 2 Beta’ at this years GamesCon event in Germany.

The GamesCon event will take place next week on August 17th – August 19th. Information has been handed to Xboxic which leads us to believe that Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo) the community spokesman for Infinity Ward will announce details via a press release of a Beta signup through, with those who have pre-ordered ‘Prestige Edition’ of the game having immediate access. It is assumed that the retailers with exclusive pre-order sales will soon start emailing web site tokens to customers when the Beta is live. The web site token will then need to be registered at with your email address to later receive your chosen Xbox360 or PS3 Beta console redeem code.

The Beta is rumoured to go live by September 10th and close towards the end of October. Until Infinity Ward release an official statement this can only remain a rumour. The Gamescon convention with Robert Bowling confirmed as in attendance will take place next week – so only time will tell if the information we received is correct.

I would expect it will be the same fair as last time. Prestige Edition Pre-order codes sent out first, then something like a sign-up on or Modern Warfare with competitions in between and then a few waves of access as the weeks go on. The Beta for COD4 (if memory serves) lasted about 4 weeks and over lapped Halo 3’s release by a week. I would expect the same as Halo ODST is releasing 22nd September so a 6-7 week beta is quite unlikely but it could happen.

With Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) being at GamesCon there we will at least see something more “filling” in terms of gameplay content, but will it be mutiplayer, Spec-Ops or another level play through? If the Beta announcement is correct, expect it to be the latter as all will get their fill of multiplayer come September 10th.




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29 08 2009
modern warfare 2 forums

I can’t wait till MW2 is released! Just a couple of months now :p I ordered the Prestige edition ^_^

Discuss mw2 over on the modern warfare 2 forum at []

18 10 2009
Modern Warfare 2 Forums

Nice read! I cant wait till Modern Warfare 2 is released! Not long to go now 🙂

Sodagod @ Modern Warfare 2 Forums

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